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Get Your Body Back!!!

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I always thought that personal trainers were for trophy wives. Which would not be me. Plus, I hate gyms. I see no reason to subject myself to an environment full of clanking torture devices, fluorescent lights, TV screens, hideous music, sweaty odors and the sound of grunting. Not when the free, beautiful outdoors–for running, hiking, biking and dancing–is right there. […]

The Problems That Can’t Be Solved

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My brother-in-law, Leif Weaver, passed away on November 14, after an eighteen-month battle with aggressive mantle-cell lymphoma. I loved him a whole lot. His memorial was filled with friends and family who were just as broken-hearted, many of whom had flown cross-country on a few hours’ notice to say goodbye. We spent the evening swapping hilarious Leif stories, hugging one […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Supermarket Horrors

I love to grocery shop. It’s grounding, sensual, creative and pragmatic. In a world full of anxiety, filling my cupboards with a week’s worth of healthy meals feels like putting a carabiner in the cliff face of my life. But I’m also a professional health-news junkie. And now my local Superfresh is a minefield. Top priority: fresh fruits and vegetables, […]

How To Make Your Body Disappear

Posted by on October 29, 2013 in Brain, Brain waves, Exercise, Listening, Meditation, Mental Health, Nervous system, Pain, Stress | Comments Off on How To Make Your Body Disappear

Some fun new research has discovered that turning your gym into an oversized, self-propelled boom box can boost your workout performance: …the results showed that most of the volunteers had generated significantly greater muscular force while working at the musically equipped machines than the unmodified ones. They also had used less oxygen to generate that force and reported that their […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Is Your Posture Hurting You in the Paycheck?

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Interview with Sara Canuso, speaker, author, personal branding expert. Sara is the founder of A Suitable Solution: Elevate Your Power, Influence & Income. She coaches clients on how to build their personal brand through non-verbal communication. You have worked primarily with lawyers, helping them improve their image through non-verbal cues such as posture, body language and attire. How did this […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: A Jaundiced View

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I’ve been spreading a lot of yellow around these days. The latest Practical Bodywork space design project is a north-facing nursery, designed to evoke the Hundred Acre Wood. When mama and I sat down in the room with roughly 200 color swatches, it became clear that the background had to be ‘Peach Tickle,’ which leaped out at both of us. […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: How To Solve A Problem

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“No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness which created it.”–Albert Einstein Last week we discussed the effects of scarcity on the brain’s ability to think. The more pressing and immediate our problems, the less bandwidth we have available for coping with them. This holds true for money problems, relationship problems, time problems and health problems. We […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Blame Is Of The Devil

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Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm but the harm does not interest them. -T.S. Eliot, poet (1888-1965) A new book, ‘Scarcity,’ details groundbreaking research on what poverty does to the mind: Worrying about money when it is tight captures our brains. […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: I Am Embarrassed To Tell You This, But…

…I’m wearing an ankle brace. Turns out my crippled ankle wasn’t psychosomatic after all. According to my fabulous new podiatrist, I have posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, caused by the extra bone in my flat, flat foot torquing my gait and stretching the tendon until it is practically shredded. He says if I don’t wear this brace, I’m a candidate for […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: How To Avoid Being Swallowed

It’s impossible to overstate how big an effect your environment has on your nervous system. Living in urban environments, it’s easy to forget that human beings evolved, literally, in nature. Our nervous systems are attuned to cues that have been in place for millions of years–when to wake up (light gets blue), when to go to sleep (light gets rosy and […]