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On The Bleeding Edge of Science

  Twenty years ago, a friend of mine stopped being able to walk. It happened intermittently. She’d be fine for a few weeks or months, then collapse. She had intense pelvic pain that doctors couldn’t find a reason for. Some thought she was faking it and sent her to the psych ward, or gave her a catheter without anesthetic “to […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: How To Solve A Problem

Posted by on October 08, 2013 in Belief, Brain, Meditation, Nervous system, Practicality | Comments Off on Touchy Topic Tuesday: How To Solve A Problem

“No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness which created it.”–Albert Einstein Last week we discussed the effects of scarcity on the brain’s ability to think. The more pressing and immediate our problems, the less bandwidth we have available for coping with them. This holds true for money problems, relationship problems, time problems and health problems. We […]

Touchy Topic Tuesday: I Am Embarrassed To Tell You This, But…

…I’m wearing an ankle brace. Turns out my crippled ankle wasn’t psychosomatic after all. According to my fabulous new podiatrist, I have posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, caused by the extra bone in my flat, flat foot torquing my gait and stretching the tendon until it is practically shredded. He says if I don’t wear this brace, I’m a candidate for […]

The You-ness of Rolfing

Posted by on July 17, 2012 in Belief, Practicality, Rolfing, Stress | Comments Off on The You-ness of Rolfing

Theresa Zordan is an expert Rolfer and visionary blogger from Denver, CO who graciously offered to swap guest posts with Practical Bodywork. We are pleased as punch to have her. It may be hard to believe, but sometimes I forget about Rolfing and how helpful it can be.  It’s especially hard to believe considering I am a Rolfer.  This is what I do all […]

So How The Hell Do We Do That???

Posted by on June 25, 2012 in Belief, Healing Spaces, Massage, Medicine, Practicality | Comments Off on So How The Hell Do We Do That???

As some of my wise friends point out, changing the face of healthcare is a quixotic proposition. It’s all very well to saythat your doctor should be prescribing more massage than painkillers, that insurance should cover it, and that everyone should be insured. But as we all know, our broken healthcare system makes far more money by selling drugs and high-intervention treatments to […]

Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Posted by on June 04, 2012 in Belief, Healing Spaces, Practicality | Comments Off on Vision for the Future of Healthcare

‘Winter and Spring,’ stained glass by Judith Schaecter, 30″ x 38″, Wouldn’t it be amazing if: • You could go to your doctor with severe pain, and she would write you a prescription for a course of massage therapy and other bodywork, which not only blissed you out, but solved your problem without the nasty side effects of drugs? • Your […]

The Perils of Positive Thinking

Posted by on December 15, 2011 in Anxiety, Belief, Brain waves, Craniosacral therapy, Placebo effect, Post-traumatic stress | Comments Off on The Perils of Positive Thinking

Now, I’m not going to name any names. Let’s just say that There are Those Out There who will tell you, with great fluidity and earnestness, that you are what you think. That “your attitude determines your altitude.” That changing your mind will change your life. They will tell you this in a spiritual context, in a relationship context, in […]

Is Reiki Flaky?

Posted by on March 31, 2011 in Anxiety, Belief, Placebo effect, Reiki | Comments Off on Is Reiki Flaky?

Image via Wikipedia Recently I interviewed a colleague, Kathy Fleetwood, about her Reiki practice. She lit up. “It’s changed my life,” she declared. Last year, Kathy’s mother came down with something that doctors tentatively diagnosed as Parkinson’s. She lost weight, was too exhausted to work, ached all over, and walked with a shuffle and a stoop. Kathy flew home to the UK […]