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On The Bleeding Edge of Science

  Twenty years ago, a friend of mine stopped being able to walk. It happened intermittently. She’d be fine for a few weeks or months, then collapse. She had intense pelvic pain that doctors couldn’t find a reason for. Some thought she was faking it and sent her to the psych ward, or gave her a catheter without anesthetic “to […]

A Pansy Grows in Philadelphia

When I was struggling with a partner who was chronically unemployed, Kate Jesuele put me in boxing gloves, turned up the boom box, and told me, “Leave it all on the bag.” Two weeks later I kicked him out. When I was having panic attacks after separating from my partner, Terrie Lewine of Back to Life Wellness Center said, “Come […]

The Trash Heap of the Soul

Ten weeks ago, our new back yard was a weed-choked wasteland. We moved in late April; it took a couple of weeks to unpack. By the time we tackled the yard, it was already late in the season. We turned over some beds, threw down some seeds, bunged in a few starters (“bunged’ is a word. P.G. Wodehouse uses it […]

You Cannot Control Your Posture

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Do you hear that? You’re not responsible for sitting up straight: You do not have conscious control over your postural muscles. Your postural muscles are controlled by a part of your sub-conscious system. If you had conscious control over your posture you would be unable to do anything else. For example, while you are reading this, you probably aren’t consciously thinking […]

Why I Am A Bodyworker

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Talk about stumbling upon a gift. At the age of four, during a performance of The Nutcracker, it was revealed to me that I was destined to be a Famous Ballerina. I pursued this vocation with focused determination until the age of seventeen, when I acknowledged that no girl with flat feet and limited hip flexion would ever make Principal […]

How to Heal Your Space

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What does your environment say to you? Does your space say, “I am free, healthy, wealthy and safe,” or “I live a life of bleak, pointless drudgery”? I’m not asking what it says about you. Psychology is not my field. I’m asking what kind of messages your mind receives from your surroundings on a regular basis. Are they positive, negative or neutral? […]

Why Are Rehab Centers So Ugly? (Part II)

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I’ve been a professional fine artist for half my life. The aesthetics of my surroundings are as important to me as the quality of the air I breathe. A vast empty wall in my living space makes me feel as though I am in prison. I can make a case for the notion that kitsch is morally wrong. But is this […]

‘Self Care for Back Pain’ Free Download!

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I’ve written my first e-book. It was a blast. I compiled all my favorite tips for dealing with back pain–neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back–took a bunch of pictures of myself in silly poses, learned some epub software and put it all together. You can download it for free by subscribing to my mailing list. (I’m using this groovy software called Mail […]

Beautiful Kensington

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When we moved to Philadelphia, Joe and I spent a LOT of time house-hunting. We scoured every neighborhood in the city, often block by block, photographing every ‘for rent’ sign on every halfway decent building. We wanted light, space, affordability, and that elusive phenomenon, ‘community.’ In Kensington, it seemed like the sun was always shining. Perhaps it’s a function of […]

Let’s Go Dancing!

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Do you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with gravity? Have you stopped going dancing? Do you skip workouts because it hurts too much? I know what that’s like. But there’s hope! Meet your fascia. It holds you together. And, as this groovy video shows, it’s capable of shifting in nearly infinite ways: Notice how everything slides and moves? […]