‘The Pain Is Gone.’

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Do you want to be able to MOVE without pain?

kneetest1bHave you ever been forced by pain or injury to stop working out, even though you wanted to? Has this gone on for more than a few weeks? Maybe even years? Do you have a ‘bad ankle,’ a ‘bad back,’ or ‘weak knees’? Have you told yourself that you ‘just have to live with it’? Do you have pain that gets in the way of doing ordinary things? Like walking to the store, working at a desk? Sleeping? Are you so fed up, you’re constantly thinking, “I want this to STOP! Now!”

test1arunnerRemember when you were in your teens, and your body did whatever you wanted, without complaining? When you could go hiking all day, then stay out dancing till 2 AM, and not even be sore the next day? Wouldn’t you love to have an ounce of that energy back?

This is what Practical Bodywork does for you.

Regular spa massages are great—they feel nice, give you a boost for a few hours, work out some knots and tone your immune system by helping you relax.

But Practical Bodywork does a lot more for you than that. We specialize in a cutting-edge modality called structural myofascial technique, based on new research into the myriad, underappreciated things your fascial tissue does for you.

Every Practical Bodywork session begins with a health history and analysis of your structural alignment. Then we design a custom bodywork session that targets your biggest concerns, whether it be back pain, neck pain, knees, shoulders, feet or ankles.

Often the source of the problem stems from a different place than where you’re feeling the pain. Hands-on bodywork will uncover and correct long-standing imbalances that you didn’t realize you had.

Our custom structural test1csessions also include a generous amount of Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu, Reiki, reflexology and passive stretching, sending your body and mind into a state of harmony and bliss. When you leave our studio you will feel like a different person.

womanRunningOver time you’ll enjoy:

  • Radically reduced pain
  • Substantially better sleep
  • Soaring energy levels
  • An end to chronic frustration and feeling overwhelmed

You may forget the reason you came in the first place, because the pain has disappeared.