Practical Bodywork

Practical Bodywork provides high-caliber therapeutic bodywork, geared toward solving our clients’ problems with chronic pain and restricted mobility. We offer a strong complement to treatments such as physical therapy and chiropractic care; we believe that the best healthcare is collaborative. Your well-being is our highest priority.

Stephanie Lee Jackson

Stephanie Lee Jackson, LMT, founded Practical Bodywork as an extension of her lifelong vocation as a creative problem solver. Her passions are: to help her clients heal and thrive; to create environments that engage the senses, calm the mind and nurture the spirit; and to discover patterns that explain long-standing conundrums (such as why your eye hurts when you press your foot, and why your back goes out when your boyfriend dumps you.)

Stephanie was a professional fine artist for two decades, before throwing her creativity into building a business. Her current endeavor is Practical Sanctuary, sensory interior design, an organic outgrowth of her art and healing careers. She also teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Advanced Massage Techniques at the Community College of Philadelphia.

She developed her talents as a problem-solver through confronting the challenges of life as a freelance artist, often in high-overhead cities during major recessions. Her day job as the Information Lady at major public and academic libraries taught her to get to the root of every client’s concern, and figure out the most efficient way to help them. Her core principles of problem-solving are:

  • ask many questions;
  • listen closely to the answers;
  • identify the core problem(s);
  • determine the best resources to apply.

‘Resources’ can include experts, services, products, exercises, or just some good books. The most important thing to remember is that nobody knows everything; thus, collaboration is essential.

When she discovered that researching patrons’ health problems inspired her almost as much as making art, she obtained her CMT from the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA, and her second-level Reiki attunements from Uma Schaef. Over the ensuing years she traveled the world, worked with hundreds of clients, battled plantar fasciitis and chronic tendonitis, and continually refined her bodywork style through swaps, research and continuing education.

Increasingly she found that clients would say, “That massage was amazing, and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. What are you doing?”  The Integrity Method® is her system, developed organically over time and experience, adapted to help you thrive. Enjoy!

The Integrity Method®

The Integrity Method® is a bodywork system, developed and refined over 23 years of practice, for relieving pain and encouraging your body to heal. It is not a modality; it is a framework for delivering various modalities, in the most efficient way, to address your particular concerns while toning your body as a whole.

The Integrity Method® also incorporates the business practices of sustainability, transparency, cooperation and community. More…