Let’s Go Dancing!

Do you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with gravity? Have you stopped going dancing? Do you skip workouts because it hurts too much?

I know what that’s like.

But there’s hope! Meet your fascia. It holds you together. And, as this groovy video shows, it’s capable of shifting in nearly infinite ways:

Notice how everything slides and moves? What that means is that with a little help, we can rearrange your tissue so that your body supports itself in harmony with gravity, not at war with it.

So I’ve designed some special packages that use structural myofascial technique to address your unique stress patterns, subtly realign your body, and address areas of chronic pain, freeing up your energy for dancing. Sound good? All righty then.

The packages consist of three to six ninety-minute sessions, spaced about two weeks apart. At the beginning of each session, I’ll do a detailed analysis of your alignment, your stress patterns and areas of restriction. Then we’ll work out a customized treatment plan.

The first hour of each session will be fairly intense structural work. I might have you get on the table in side-lying or three-quarter position, supported by pillows and towels, so I can get deep into your hips, ribcage and fascia lata. Each session will focus on a different area of concern, starting from the ground up. Over the course of the series, we’ll continue to reassess and realign different parts of your body, integrating the work as we go.

The last half hour of the session, we’ll complement the structural work with some scrumptious deep tissue, Swedish massage and energy work, allowing you to relax completely and sending your brain into a theta-wave state. Lots of structurally-oriented bodyworkers skip this part, but I believe that it’s one of the most important elements of the session.

You see, your immune system kicks into high gear when your body relaxes deeply. The longer you stay in that state, the more energy your body puts into healing itself. Thus, the effects of your session may be multiplied exponentially by jump-starting your own healing capacities.

And before long, you’ll be standing on your head, just for fun.