Practical Bodywork delivers exceptional, targeted massage therapy focused on healing your pain and encouraging your body to thrive.

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Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

by appointment only

Please call to make your appointment at (267)702-5594.

Single Session Prices:

  • 60-minute session: $120
  • 90-minute session: $170

Deep Transformation Series:  If you’re looking for lasting relief from pain, a dramatic increase in energy, and a renewed ability to do the things you love, this three-session series is for you. Each session begins with an all-over structural assessment, to locate the places where your body is out of alignment. We devote the session to work that targets these specific areas. This is integrated with profound relaxation work, immune system and energy boosting, to allow your body and mind to integrate the changes. You will feel like a new person!

  • Three 60-minute sessions at 15% discount: $360
  • Three 90-minute sessions at 15% discount: $440

Maintenance Package: You’re already in the habit of good self-care, but sometimes you let it go a little too long. Here’s your incentive — nail down your monthly appointment at 20% off per session. Use it like a yoga class card!

  • Ten 60-minute sessions: $960
  • Ten 90-minute sessions: $1360 (20% savings)

Gift Cards: All of our sessions and packages may be purchased as e-gift cards. Simply select the amount you want, pay through our secure Square gift card page, and send to your recipient!

If you have questions about a gift for friends or family, please call me and LEAVE A MESSAGE at (267)702-5594. I love talking about the best ways to help people!

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