After a service is rendered, my clients are often kind enough to share some feedback on our working relationship and how they have benefited from the session. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

  • “It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Stephanie Lee Jackson as a massage therapist.  I began to see her when my daughter was a toddler. At that time sacral-iliac pain due to scoliosis as well as general muscle tension were both bothering me daily.  I saw her every other week for almost a year and then on a less frequent basis for many years.  The massage therapy that Stephanie provided was very helpful for relieving the pain and seemed to have long term benefits that went beyond the immediate relief each massage provided.  As a resident of New York City for nearly 20 years, I had gone to many competent and caring massage therapists before I found Stephanie.  She easily surpassed them all.  I think that what makes Stephanie’s work so powerful is that she is able to combine her strong intellectual abilities  with a  intuitive sense of what works.  I always trusted her technical expertise would be wedded to a disciplined creativity in responding to where my body was tense or knotted.  Her personal manner, her professional manner and something harder to quantify consistently enabled me to relax deeply as she worked on me.  That level of relaxation while being worked on had always eluded me with other treatment providers.Massage therapists with Stephanie’s combination of keen intelligence, intuition, technical ease and creativity are rare.  I recommend her without reservation.” –Beth Halpern, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • “Go to Practical Bodywork. It’s not a luxury.  It’s maintenance to your own nervous system. Just as you might think of our oil change, or water bill as something that you need, remember to be connected with your nervous system.  I’ve been explaining my pain to physicians and chiropractors for 15 YEARS with no real progress.  Practical Bodywork has helped make it better (not cured, but better) in four sessions so far.  And I’ll be going back and so will my family.” –Eric P., Philadelphia
  • “Stephanie is an excellent bodyworker, and a healer. She both listens closely to you, and intuitively understands what your body needs, which you might not understand yourself. One of her healing strengths is energy work. After sessions with Steph, I would find (after the initial massage-induced stupor), that my mental focus had sharpened and that my energy levels would increase, daily, almost to the point of euphoria, for a good four to five days afterwards.One day, my aunt, who was in her mid to late 50s, and I both had massages by Stephanie.  That afternoon we completely rearranged my Brooklyn apartment. The next couple of days were spent seeing all the sights, and neither one of us was sore. Stephanie is both gentle and displays tremendous strength in her bodywork. Go to her. She will take care of you! We miss her in Brooklyn!” –Jennifer Mitchell, Brooklyn, NY
  • “I am so thankful for the treatment that I received!!! I walked in the office a horrific mess, and Stephanie showed her concern and learned what the issue was that I was having and in four short weeks, my body responded to the gentle, yet firm work that she was putting into it.  My recovery was felt within the first visit, and continuously improved with each visit.I am so thankful for her assistance.” –Camille A., Philadelphia
  • “…even though I was in pain, [the session] was AMAZING.  I saw Stephanie and she was fabulous.  First masseuse I’ve ever seen that I would recommend and go back to time and again…” –M. N., Philadelphia, PA, on Yelp.com
  • “I have been going to Stephanie for massage therapy for almost two months now.  I have had many, many, MANY massages.  Stephanie’s approach is outstanding.  She is able to immediately localize areas of sensitivity and ease into the muscles with  grace and great skill.  I don’t feel my muscles ‘fighting back’ and resisting her manipulation because she implements various approaches.  She sees the big picture, always listens to how I am feeling, and offers ways that I can promote better  care on my own time through suggested stretches, etc.  And Stephanie is able to get into the muscle — I feel like the muscles are deeply penetrated and I have to say — during my last session I almost fell asleep four times!  That is how great she is.  I tell everyone and anyone about her.   It is a true gift to be under her care.”–Irene Trantas, personal trainer
  • “Stephanie is extremely skilled and I truly appreciated her variety of techniques.  The massage really was ‘therapeutic.’  One of the best ever!  Thanks!” –Lisa Diamond, NY
  • “Take the ten best things my ten favorite massage therapists do, and Stephanie does all of them.  I will never go to another massage therapist again.”–Irene Sullivan, financial advisor, Brooklyn, NY
  • “I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt.  Physically, mentally and emotionally I was a new woman.”–Ellen Sande, blogger and parent, Brooklyn, NY

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