A Pansy Grows in Philadelphia

When I was struggling with a partner who was chronically unemployed, Kate Jesuele put me in boxing gloves, turned up the boom box, and told me, “Leave it all on the bag.” Two weeks later I kicked him out.

When I was having panic attacks after separating from my partner, Terrie Lewine of Back to Life Wellness Center said, “Come to my office.” She did something subtle and magical to my spine. Two hours later I was grounded, calm, and functional.

When I was stalled in my process from years of upheaval, Dawn Mehan of Motherheart Studio gave me a private yoga class. “I’ve never felt so nurtured,” I told her. I left her studio feeling forty pounds lighter.

All of these healers thanked me. They thanked me.

In sixteen years of practice, I’ve come to understand that any treatment is only as good as the client allows it to be. Healing isn’t something that can be imposed; it can only be received. It makes a healer’s day when you accept what they offer, and run with it.

Every one of my clients is a healer, whether you know it or not. You are healing yourself and the world by allowing yourself to connect and be nurtured.

It’s an honor to know you.

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